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Our mission is to change a cancer patient's journey.

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About us

Atzeyo Biosensors brings together nearly 200 years of life-science experience to create a desperately needed, ultrasensitive, highly accurate targeted biomarker detection platform that could someday fit in the palm of a clinician’s hand.


Our collaboration of educational, institutional, business, and technological knowledge provides the core impetus behind Atzeyo Biosensors. But it’s our collective desire to improve and lengthen patients’ lives — in cancer and other diseases — that truly drives us. We want to make a difference.


Atzeyo logo big.jpg


Jim Martucci, MS

40 years of medical device development and technology assessment experience as a senior leader with Baxter and Cordis.

Peter Parades, JD

18 years of patent law experience as a partner with Amin Talati Wasserman.

Gary Winer

25 years of global commercial strategy experience as a senior leader with Baxter, Pfizer, Abbott, and AbbVie.

Bree Mitchell, PhD

25 years experience as a scientist, manager, marketer, strategist, and program developer with Natera, OHSU, Canary Center, Life Technologies, and Promega.

Augusto Villanueva, MD PhD

An influential and visionary professional with extensive experience in healthcare, leading research direction and initiatives in the field of liver cancer diagnosis and treatment.  He has published over 130 peer-reviewed publications.

Manish Kohli, MD

A prostate cancer researcher at HCI and faculty member in the Department of Internal Medicine at U of U Health, and involved collaborations with many organizations throughout the United States and Australia. His research in advanced prostate cancer focuses on “convergence sciences” which combines population-based trials with precision medicine concepts.  

Utkan Demirci, PhD

A tenured professor in the School of Medicine at Stanford University and the Interim Division Chief and Director of the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection in the Department of Radiology. Dr. Demirci is a serial academic entrepreneur and co-founder of DxNow, Zymot, Levitas Bio, Mercury Biosciences, and Koek Biotech and serves as an advisor, consultant, and/or board member to some early-stage companies and investment groups.

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